Orbit – a suicide prevention framework for organisations

Orbit – What is Orbit?

Orbit – An organisation based approach to suicide prevention

Orbit is an approach that supports organisations to have increased preparedness when suicide occurs. 

Many organisations do not have the adequate preparedness in place in respect to incidents of suicide. Orbit is a wraparound tailored approach that assesses the extent of preparedness in respect of policies, practices and procedures being in place when a suicide occurs (both directly and indirectly related to the organisation).

It also incorporates post-suicide reflection opportunities for organisations to consider future internal development to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. The impact of suicide is huge and within an organisation it has huge ranging negative connotations.

By having Orbit in place an organisation will be better able to respond effectively and appropriately to a suicide incident be it the suicide of a staff member/service user/citizen or an important ‘other’ linked to a staff member/service user/citizen within an organisation.

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