Every day, 12 men and four women die by Suicide in the UK…thats 0ver 6000 per year…

Suicide is a major issue and it’s increasing and when someone takes their own life, the effect on the family, friends and our communities is devastating – An immeasurable impact.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a two day, skills building workshop that prepares caregivers of all kinds to provide suicide first aid interventions. Professionals, Volunteers and informal helpers all need to know how to help persons with thoughts of suicide in ways that increase their suicide safety.

On the day of her telling me that she wished to end her life, we managed from not wanting to tell anyone, to agreeing a safe plan for the next 24hrs until we got everyone on board. (Teacher)

Expert trainers from Forward For Life and Common Unity are offering a limited number of places on this World Health Organisation endorsed and internationally renowned ASIST training course in Birmingham.

My ASIST training (2014) with Terry and Caron from Forward For Life and Common Unity helped me to say the right things, to agree a safe plan to which she agreed and to signpost more help. She came to me as a friend and mentor and I thank god I had the ASIST training to help her.  (College Tutor)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) trains frontline staff in early intervention and is the most widely trained suicide prevention programme in the world.

The 14-hour workshop held over two days teaches participants to connect, understand and assist people who may be at risk of suicide and is suitable for mental health professionals, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, counsellors, youth workers, police and prison staff, school support staff, clergy, community volunteers, and those training to undertake these roles.

“If I had not had the ASIST training (2014) with Forward For Life and Common Unity I would not have had the confidence to give support to two people.” (Employee Consultant)

ASIST is underpinned by the idea that many people who are thinking about suicide will find some way to signal their intent. The workshops provide training in suicide intervention and are designed to help a person become more ready, willing, and able to help someone who is having thoughts of suicide.

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