The Waiting Room

The Resource Key


TWR provides an alternative approach to taking control of our own health and well-being. It is a virtual bridge across “The Information Chasm” that connects support services to the recipient almost instantly.

TWR, by engaging citizens with sources of support directly and seamlessly is, in its own right an intervention, taking away the often wearisome process of finding the right place to get help. TWR is an online resource library of information and support that can be navigated with minimum difficulty. In addition, the ongoing management of the process is relatively small but engagement can be realised at high levels and monitored effectively. With an emphasis on protection and prevention, The Waiting Room is split into 24 Life Domain key areas and by clicking on a key area, will take the user through to a list of local and national websites and contact numbers (fully accessible) that can be accessed for the purposes of information and direct support. The following link takes you to a YouTube video that shows exactly how the QR Code works for the Resource Key “Make the smart connection” video link

It’s envisaged that The Waiting Room, a place with significant connections across Health, Social Care and wider, will continue to grow so to best enable communities to access local and national support services. We believe The Waiting Room is the go to health and wellbeing virtual platform for the citizens of Birmingham and Solihull, and for the future, we see The Waiting Room as being replicated further afield.

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